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Witch's Brew


Witch's Brew Herbal Mix - Enchanted Wish


Blended of carefully chosen herbs for their ability to empower your Wish magick, this spell mix is a fantastic way to help your wishes come true with a little touch of Enchantment.


Witch's Brew Herbal Mix - Healing


Healing spell mix has been chosen from the finest herbs to help empower your healing rituals, offering spiritual mending, emotional healing, and a boost to modern medicine.


Witch's Brew Herbal Mix - Banishing


A mix created of carefully chosen herbs, the Banishing spell mix is intended to empower you banishing rituals and help you get rid of negative energies, spirits, and influences.


Witch's Brew Herbal Mix - Empowerment


Empower your magick and improve all of your rituals and spells with the Empowerment herbal spell mix, which has been created specifically with herbs that lend power to magic.


Witch's Brew Herbal Mix - Money


Blended of a mix of herbs chosen specifically to empower spells of money drawing and good fortune, this spell mix is intended to aid in attracting prosperity


Witch's Brew Herbal Mix - Love


Our Love spell mix is intended to bring love into your life, help with self love, and self-esteem. Use on charcoal to burn, add to your bath, or carry as is in a satin bag.


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