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Speciality Jewelry


Gemstone Pendant Bottle - Rainbow Moonstone


Rainbow Moonstone clears and calms the mind, and provides psychic protection to the wearer. Our Gemstone Point Pendant Perfume Bottle Necklace combines the qualities of this powerful crystal with the scent of your choice to maximize these effects.


Gemstone Pendant Bottle - Black Obsidian


Reveal what may be hidden from you with the mirror effects of Black Obsidian. Our Gemstone Point Pendant Perfume Bottle Necklace can be filled with any scent to aid this process.


Gemstone Pendant Bottle - Amethyst


Combine the healing power of Amethyst with your favorite essential oil to create a lovely and useful talisman with this Gemstone Point Pendant Bottle Necklace.


Gemstone Pendant Bottle - Green Aventurine


Promote grounding and transformation using the powers of Earth with our Green Aventurine Gemstone Point Pendant Perfume Bottle Necklace. Fill with a favorite scent for an instant reminder.


Gemstone Pendant Bottle - Carnelian


Drive away evil and bring in luck with this Carnelian Gemstone Point Pendant Perfume Bottle Necklace and your favorite essential oil or cologne.


Gemstone Pendant Bottle - Lapis


Utilize Lapis, the stone the Ancient Egyptians used, as a mental healer and soul purifier. Fill the chamber of this Gemstone Point Pendant Perfume Bottle Necklace with something to compliment these properties.


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