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Spirit Tea


Crafted to provide sustenance when our bodies need replenishing.


Folk Fyre Blood 8oz


A Little Kick To The Face.

An old-fashioned herbal remedy crafted to warm up your digestive fire. A raw apple cider vinegar tonic crafted for digestive health. Earthy, Spicy & Smooth. Take 1 tsp daily in A.M.


Folk Fyre 8oz


A Little Kick To The Face.
An old-fashioned herbal remedy crafted to warm up your digestive fire. Concentrated proprietary blend of root veggies and raw apple cider vinegar created to support healthy gut flora and balance digestion.


Harvest Moon Tea


A Cup of Autumn.

One of our seasonal teas crafted to celebrate an abundant harvest and the beauty of Autumn. A seasonal Holiday Favorite. Tastes just like pumpkin pie.


Heart & Soul Tea


A Cup of Elegance.

Crafted to strengthen all matters of the heart: physical, emotional & spiritual. Loaded with Antioxidants & Super Berries. Rich, tart & slightly sweet.


Blissful Bath Tea


A Tub of Roses.

Soak in luxurious indulgence. Aromatic rose petals & hibiscus.


Chocolate Chai Tea


A Cup of Delight.

Crafted to sooth the soul with warmth. High in Antioxidants & Chocolate. Big, bold, spicy, warming, slightly sweet & chocolate.


Exhilarate Bath Tea


Excite those Sinuses.

Crafted to drain unwanted mental fog while soaking in potent herbs. Soak in brightening herbs. Aromatic mint & lavender.


Vitality Tea


A Cup of Vigor.

Crafted to enhance natural energy reserves to boost your active spirit. Restoring. Helps restore bodies natural energy cycles. Smooth & Spicy.


Goddess Tea


A Cup of Love.

Crafted to illuminate the essence of your exquisite soul. Nourishes & relaxes frayed nerves. Deep, rich, smooth & slightly sweet.


Tranquility Tea


Have a Cup of Calm.

Crafted to wash away the day's stress! Deep, lightly minty & slightly sweet.


Recovery Tea


After Your Workout.

Crafted to help muscles regain strength, reduce inflammation and soreness while replenishing vital nutrients. For after your workout. Helps provide relief post workouts quicker. Light, minty & fresh.


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