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Cabot Wands


Night Dragon Wand of Air By Penny Cabot


Night dragon wand of air adorned with tourmilated quartz point banded black agate sterling dragon center amethyst teardrops with alaskan garnet end


Wand Of The Black Cat By Penny Cabot


Wand of the black cat
Brazilian quartz point adorned with sterling penta-cles, black obsidian cabochons panther center with obeat claw, stripped onyx cabochons with so c geodesic natural flas-kan polished garnet end


Faery King Wand By Penny Cabot


Faery King
Element of earth
Energy of the god
Adorned with cherry citrine point, teardrop amethyst tree agate carved heart center emerald and faery god
bust end


God of the Aegean Wand By Penny Cabot


God of the Aegean Wand
Element of water & air
Adorned with cherry citrine smelted point, rare blue opalite tear-drop, African turquoise cabochons howelite cen-ter, and quartz crystal teardrop Greece god bust


Greenman Wand By Penny Cabot


Adorned with AAA quality citrine point, bumblebee dessert agate cabochons, gold tone pentacle, amethyst and Malecite cabochons with dragon egg end for growth and learning .Greenman brass embossed face center


Wand of Guardian Angel By Penny Cabot


Wand of
Guardian angel
Flement ol air Adorned with cheyron amethyst point rose quari
teardrops amethyst cabochons.
Silver pentacie with winded angel center
Geometric rose quartz end


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