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Satya 60's Patchouli Incense


This is a lightly sweet, earthy fragrance with the classic head shop, black light room fragrance we remember so well.


Satya Arabian Jasmine Incense


Like the strong scent of the Jasmine, the flora incense too fills the user with passion and self-confidence. An antidepressant that fights nervous disorders, it evokes beauty and helps balance the feminine energy/yin within the body.


Satya Attract Money Incense


Attract Money is an elegant masala agarbatti that come in a convenient container and are suitable for meditation and yoga.


Satya Dragon's Blood Incense


Unleashing the power within. The Dragon’s Blood incense is known to protect one’s aura and home from any external attack, thus energizing the spiritual consciousness.


New Home Incense by Laurie & Penny Cabot (BR)


The oak tree is known for its power and is a force in stabilizing the most practical of needs and so it is contained within this incense. Use this to aide in opening the door and giving you your comfort.


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