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Lady Mary

Lady Mary is a gifted psychic clairvoyant and medium with a decade of experience. Born and raised in Danvers, MA, she discovered her abilities at a young age and has since dedicated herself to refining her skills. With a deep connection to the spirit realm and guidance from her grandmother, Lady Mary is widely recognized for her accurate readings. Her empathetic approach helps clients navigate love, career, and spirituality, empowering them to shape their destinies.

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Heather has been drawn to spirituality and magick since her early childhood, but didn’t develop as a psychic clairvoyant until later in life. Trained in the UK in Kent, Heather has been a psychic reader and reiki healer for 10 years working both in the US and England. She reads with tarot, oracle and angel cards and provides multiple perspectives in her readings.

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Mandi has always had a passion for healing & helping others at any age. When fusing her passion for guiding others & using her intuitive gifts using Tarot, Oracle, as well as playing cards, this was where her true purpose was created. The use of playing cards for readings is a unique & powerful method of using playing cards that dates back to the 1400s before Tarot cards existed, Mandi realized that she was able to read cards this way in her teen years. While Mandi is sitting doing readings, she feels very connected to the cards as well as the client, and enjoys doing them as she feels passionate about guiding and healing others in their lives. 


Frank has been a priest in the Cabot Tradition of Witchcraft since 2019, and has been reading tarot since 2019. He has studied under, and has been certified by Laurie Cabot.

Like all readers at Enchanted, Frank is always honest and upfront, and strives to give you the very best experience during your reading.

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Rev. Sheila Marie is a world recognized forensic consultant and psychic medium and an active Minister with an Interfaith ministry, Master Teacher and Spiritual counselor. She has been featured on many national radio shows and has demonstrated her gifts Internationally with FBI and numerous agencies. She has also assisted in many notorious missing person and criminal cases. She has successfully connected families and agencies with data and landmarks.

Sheila also served as a Police Officer for over 15 years. She is reputed within the police community and known as a "Medium with Integrity."



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