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Savory Sage Infused Olive Oil

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This 100% Italian olive oil has earned a loyal following among those with a more discerning palate.

We are proud to announce the re-imagined Savory Sage! This earthy balance of sage and sea salt with a hint of black pepper is sure to be the best base for your holiday stuffing, the most delicious drizzled over pumpkin ravioli and perfect to roast some butternut squash! 12oz glass bottles

Sage is a symbol of long life and old wisdom that spans many cultures.

According to ancient herbalists, people who drank sage tea never grew old. In this oil, we’ve drawn on the traditional, earthy, grounding qualities of the sage to imbue your food with the power of knowledge, wisdom and enlightenment, and added just a hint of cracked peppercorns to ensure variety and energy.


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