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Lugh Celtic God of the Sun and Thunderstorms

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Lugh (Lug) was the sun god and a fierce warrior in the Celtic Legends. He is a prominent member of the Tuatha De Danann, he is known as the god of thunderstorms and wields an unstoppable spear, a sling-stone, and fights aside with his legendary greyhound Failinis. Lugh is also the father of the legendary Celtic hero Cu Chulainn. Often described as an elite warrior with a youthful look, fair, tall, and skilled in many disciples, including craftsmanship, arts, law, and kingship, he is said to have invented a Gaelic version of chess, horse racing, and ball games. He has been equated with the Roman God Mercury.


L: 8 1/2" * W: 4 3/8" * H: 9"


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