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Love Magic by Laurie Cabot

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The Way to Love Through Rituals, Spells, and the Magical Life

The Way to Love Through Rituals, Spells, and the Magical Life

By Laurie Cabot

Discover the power of love through the mystical practice of magic in this wide-ranging collection of spells, rituals, and meditations from the authors of Power of the Witch.

You don't have to be a Witch to useLove Magic. This enlightening book—a rich treasury of spells for men, women, and couples to attract, enhance, or end relationships—addresses both the novice and the experienced magic worker. Following an inspiring and informative overview on the meaning of love magic and on the craft of performing it, Love Magic offers an extensive array of rituals to bring warmth, affection, pleasure, and passion into your life and the lives of others. Told in Laurie Cabot's friendly voice and reflecting her many years of experience as a Witch, Love Magic promotes magic for the good of all and the harm of none, so readers can't hurt their chances at love, only increase them.


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