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Divine Dirt by Charity L. Bedell

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Turn Ordinary Soil into Magic with 120+ Spells and Exercises

Combining witchcraft, Conjure, and other folk practices, Charity L. Bedell shows you how to work with the energy of various environments—from riverbanks to forests to graveyards. Build relationships with urban and nature spirits, use dirt from footprints and animal tracks in your spells, make protection charms to use at crossroads, and much more.

Divine Dirt helps you understand and connect with the magical places all around you. In addition to numerous spells and exercises, this book teaches you how to create and charge potent magical powders that can be used in the moment or stored for later use. Featuring extensive correspondences and resources, Divine Dirt is an indispensable guide.

This book includes spells and rituals for a wide variety of purposes, including:

• Wellness
• Justice
• Protection
• Money
• Healing
• Career
• Fertility
• Mental Health
• Love
• Luck
• Spirit Communication
• Cleansing
• Ancestors and Guardians
• New Opportunities
• Karma
• Beauty
• Divination
• Friendship
• House and Home
• Prosperity
• Strength


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