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Dagda Celtic Druid King of Tuatha De Danann

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Dagda is one of the kings of the Tuatha De Danann, he is the husband of the Morrigan, Dagda’s name meant the “the good god” or the “all-father” in the Proto-Celtic languages, the tribal worship of Dagda points him as a deity of immense power, being able to take or return life at will. He is a druid who is associated with fertility, agriculture, strength, wisdom, and has dominion over the weather, often depicted as a bearded man with a large stature wielding a magic club, carrying a cauldron that never empties, and a magical harp that can control men’s emotions and the changing of seasons.


L: 6 1/8" * W: 6 1/2" * H: 7 1/4"


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